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52 [The Korea Herald] S-Oil completes digitalization for smart factory systems 관리자 2024-06-25
51 [Pulse] SK innovation unveils Smart Plant 2.0 with robot, AI technology 관리자 2024-05-27
50 [Khmer Times] Ministry of Labour and KOSHA meet to review the progress of the construction process of occupational safety and health training centre 관리자 2024-04-24
49 [MAEIL BUSINESS NEWSPAPER] 'Blue Cone Speed' co-developed with Hyundai Engineering & Construction Stabilize quality by expressing early intensity in all seasons Shortening the construction period and reducing costs in winter 관리자 2024-04-10
48 [KoreaTechDesk] ]Ju Jae-Young AI Company Introduces Cutting-Edge Wall-Climbing Robots for Enhanced Industrial Safety 관리자 2024-04-09
47 [AVING] HHS introduces a 'Biometric Signal-based Smart Safety Management System' at WIS 2024. Enabling Swift Post-incident Response and Proactive Measures 관리자 2024-04-03
46 [Pulse] SsangYong C&E introduces roadmap to build safe workplace 관리자 2024-03-18
45 [AJU PRESS] Dual-armed robot 'ARMstrong' to carry out dangerous tasks at construction sites 관리자 2024-02-01
44 [The Korea Herald] Workplace safety act to impact small businesses from Saturday 관리자 2024-01-25
43 [The Korea Herald] [Editorial] Workplace safety matters 관리자 2024-01-24
42 [The Korea Times] Law for industrial accidents set to extend to small businesses 관리자 2024-01-22
41 [AVING] ConTILab Unveils ‘iSafe’ Platform for Construction Site Safety Management at CES 2024 관리자 2024-01-21
40 [AVING] Angelswing Introduces Construction and Safety Management Platform at Singapore's 'SWITCH 2023' - "Preventing Safety Accidents through Drone Virtualization-Based Digital Twin Technology" 관리자 2023-11-23
39 [THE KOREA ECONOMIC DAILY] Samsung C&T invests $11 mn in construction robot venture 관리자 2023-09-26
38 [The Korea Times] 1 in 10 construction accident fatalities are foreign workers 관리자 2023-08-13
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